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How to create a subscription

2-step Verification

Enter the verification code generated by your mobile application.

 Getting started 


Registering (new customer)

    1. Open the homepage dantracker.com.

    2. Click on the button "New customer".

    3. You can now register your Dantracker.


Enter this.

    1. Tracker nickname.

    2. Serial number.

    3. Choose a groupe here (see more here)


Set-up your tracker for use

When you have registered your tracker and have purchased your subscription, then you must activate the tracker.

This should be done as recommended in the manual (find it in the tracker packaging).

If you do not have the manual or have lost it, then the following procedure described below will activate your tracker:

  • Shake the tracker sligthly for 10 seconds.
  • Place it outside, or somewhere where it is unobstructed and have a clear view of the sky (e.g. by a window).
  • Leave it there for 10 minutes.

When the tracker has been activated, there will be an activation message sent to your e-mail and your tracker is ready for use.

If you don't get this e-mail, we advise you to try the activation procedure again or check your account online to see if the tracker has sent a position.

If it has sent a position, your tracker is working and ready to use.


Mode options

Dantracker trackers come with different functions.

There are four different types of functions you can use your Dantracker and some of them can be combined to suit your needs.

Standard mode

This mode only sends a signal when the tracker has been moved first and subsequently been still for 5 minutes.

It is used mainly for when you only want your final position sent.

In Sleep mode, your tracker will be in a battery-saving mode in the sense that you will have less tracks sent than if it was in Live mode.

Geofence Mode

When you have this function active, the tracker creates a Geofence area (area surrounding your vehicle). You can have a Geofence zone of 300, 500 and 1000m.

In this mode, the tracker will be in Live mode but it also gives you push notifications if it detects a position outside the Geofence area you have set.

This mode is extremely useful if your vehicle does not need to move far over a long period of time.

e.g. If your vehicle is stolen, you will get messages every 5 minutes of each position that is outside the Geofence area.

Alarm mode

This function is used if your vehicle is stolen.

This mode also acts like Live mode however, you will receive push notifications for each position that the tracker sends.



During your setup, you have the option to choose which group your Dantracker product should be in. Depend on which groupe your Dantracker is in, ita sensitivity and waiting time will be affected as such:



Waiting time after last position(min)

Minimum motions time (sek)








5 to 15



5 to 15


Boat on land



Boat in water




For example, a bicycle has to be in motion over a longer time before it triggers a position. This is because the bike will easier be influenced by the forces of nature and could trigger a position for no reason. Boat in the water group, which is a bit special, has a waiting time of 240 minutes (4 hours) before it is ready to trigger a position. This is due to the movement of the waves very often, and where we tried to save battery power without limiting the trace option too much. In addition to the group settings. Read more here.


Passing and sale of tracker

If you have finished using your tracker, you may advantageously pass or sell your tracker to another. You do not have to throw the tracker out as the tracker has such a long life. Instead, save money or surprise a friend with a gift.


• Check that the tracker still works before handing it over

• Delete the tracker from your account

• Make sure the serial number is still on the tracker and clearly readable

• Hand over the tracker and inform of your previous usage amount. Also inform about registration on dantracker.com and the required subscription

NYHED: Vi har lige lanceret vores nye Dantracker! Tryk HER for at se mere.