How to create a subscription

2-step Verification

Enter the verification code generated by your mobile application.

Preventative QR-sticker

– By scanning the sticker the finder can send a GPS position to the owner of the sticker.

DanTracker Secure

Dantracker SECURE


More than just a sticker. Besides being really preventative, the sticker can locate the lost item with a little help from a finder.

Dantracker SECURE can be used to find a vehicle, machinery, etc. When somebody finds the item in question, they can simply scan the sticker and its position is immediately sent to the subscriber's app and to the Dantracker website.

  1. Preventative (Thieves will think there is a tracker installed).
  2. Positioning (scan it and you can find your items again).
  3. Retrieval (get help to retrieve lost items by a friendly person).

By QR-scanning the sticker, you can see whether the object is reported stolen and send your mobile phone's position to the owner. QR label can be scanned with a standard QR scanner, which can be downloaded in app store. Send position by pressing the "Send GPS position" in the browser that appears on the screen. If Dantracker SECURE is in ALARM mode will the finder be able to see, that the sticker is reported stolen.

Dantracker SECURE affixed visibly, since it must serve as a deterrent and be easy to scan. Dantracker SECURE is a water resistant sticker with good adhesion.





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