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Dantracker - Smart · Simple · Safe 

Dantracker IA

Dantracker IA

Dantracker IA is a very universal tracker. It can be used in most environments and on many different objects. The tracker’s design and built-in battery makes it easy to hide and there is no need to connect it to a car battery or other third party products.

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Dantracker SPY

Dantracker SPY

Dantracker SPY is used in situations where you cannot place the tracker inside the object you want to track. Dantracker SPY is mounted on the object by a very powerful magnet and is typically used for tracking vehicles.

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Dantracker 5Y

Dantracker GB

Dantracker GB is used for monitoring and theft protection of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, caravans, boats, boat engines, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, garden tractors, ATVs, robotic lawn mowers, construction machines, lifts, containers, shipments and tools.

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DanTracker SPY

Dantracker GB SPY

DANTRACKER GB SPY is identical to the DANTRACKER GB with a powerful magnet attached to the side.
Battery life up to 5 years and with Europe/UK-wide roaming.
The new DANTRACKER GB SPY is for the budget conscious consumer who wants to protect their valuables only within the Europe/UK.

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Subscription prices

A Dantracker uses the GSM network to send the positions, which is why a valid subscription is needed on the tracker for it to work.

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Business solutions

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NYHED: Vi har lige lanceret vores nye Dantracker 5Y til kun 999,- inkl. moms! Tryk HER for at se mere.