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A nice and quiet Saturday evening, became an adreline rushed evening. 


An owner of a motorcycle was going out with his friends to watch a football match between Newcastle and Liverpool(2-3) in Rileys Sports Bar. After awhile, his notification on his iPhone was ringing. It was an ALARM message about his motorcycle being moved. 

The vehicle was moved around 9.02pm UK time, and the owner saw an empty parking spot. He immidiately called the Police so they could track his motorcycle.


The owner and the Police found the motorcycle on a trailer in front of a house just after 35 minutes. The Police knocks on the door and the person in the house pleaded guilty of stealing the motorcycle. 


The owner of the vehicle was very happy to retrieve what was rightfully his, thanks to the Dantracker. 

NYHED: Vi har lige lanceret vores nye Dantracker! Tryk HER for at se mere.