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GPS tracking for business

– Are you on the lookout for a solid GPS tracking solution for your business?

Become a vendor

As a vendor of Dantracker products, we will help you with everything from set-up to helping your customers understand how to use our products.

Installation of Dantracker products
As a vendor, you will also be trained by us to correctly install Dantracker products. Dantracker recommends all end users to have Dantracker products installed by a professional dealer.

Dantracker automatically monitors your inventory. You automatically get an e-mail, when you reach your minimum level. In the mail, you just need to click on a link to place your order. 

Online sales
You must have a physical store in order to sell Dantracker products at your homepage.

Our sales agent (listed below) offers training, in the form of a small course, to all of our new vendors which includes:

  1.   Product knowledge.
  2.   Creating subscriptions and Subscription services.
  3.   Installation of our products.
  4.   RMA and troubleshooting.

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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