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About Dantracker


- the history of Dantracker from 2011 to now

Dantracker is the story of "The Ugly Duckling" who grew up to become a beautiful swan. Dantracker was founded in summer 2011 by Michael Sørensen and Torkil Poulsen. The concept was to develop an app for smartphones and a sale of Chinese GPS tracking modules. After several visits to some dealers the order books were full but the quality of the Chinese GPS tracking modules didn't live up to our expectations, so we decided to stop selling the Chinese trackers and seek investments for the development of our own GPS tracker.

The customers demanded a product with a long battery life that was simple and easy to use.


Development of electronics is expensive, so on the basis of a good project, we applied to 16 different investors, six of them were ready with investment capital. The choice fell on Innovation Midt/Vest A/S and the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation, which later proved to be the right partner for Dantracker. The company was founded the 19th December 2011. To get started quickly, we chose to use subcontractors for most tasks.

Dantracker EA

Was released to the market the 7th june 2013 with an official press release from Loke Cykler in Copenhagen. Loke was also the first retailer with Dantracker on the shelves. As a starting point it was in two variants, one with the internal antenna and another one with external antenna besides that we also had a portal and app solution ready. Today Dantracker only handles lightly development, coordination, less production, marketing and sales.

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