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5 stjerner 


Simon G

So for the second time in 3 years I had a Piaggio scooter stolen in broad daylight from Soho Square. This time I got it back and only thanks to Dantracker. The alarm went off and although the police couldn't find it at its first location, a week later the alarm went off again and the tracker showed a very precise location at a farm in the north of England. The boys in blue went round and this time they got the bike with changed locks and number plates but definitely mine. Without Dantracker this was another frustrating insurance claim but this product really works. If you have a motorbike it's a no-brainer.

4 stjerner 


Sonja H

So happy for it! Found my Christiania-bike after it was stolen TWICE thanks to DanTracker! Location could be a tad more precise but I’m really happy I invested money into it!